A song for Janette, for her ordination in June 2019.

The song takes the story of Canaire, an Irish saint who, following God’s call to her, left her home and travelled many miles towards the holy island where she believed her resurrection would take place. She crosses many boundaries: first leaving her home, walking to the edge of the land, then walking on water across the sea to the holy island where St Senan and his monks lived. When she got there, she had another boundary to cross – only men were permitted on the island. In conversation with Senan (while she is still standing on the water?!) she persuades him that women are just as valuable in God’s kingdom as men, and he finally welcomes her on to the island. Throughout the song, the repeated call is to travel ‘further on, deeper in’.

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Words, music, piano & vocals: Lizzie Pridmore
Recording, production, flute & vocals: Tess Lowe