New project! Worship, folk music and dancing?!

This poll was from Instagram. I did a similar survey on Facebook and found some other people who will join me. I can’t wait to see how this project unfolds!

What’s the big idea?

I love playing and dancing in the Cornish nos lowen folk tradition. For those who are not familiar with it, the dances are simple, repetitive and mesmerising, often in a circle or a serpent (holding hands in a line), inclusive and easy to join in by copying the leader – no caller needed. I would love to restore inclusive, no-expertise-required dance to the Christian community as a form of worship and feel that these dances would be brilliant for this. There is a sense of togetherness because the dancers are physically connected by hand and moving together, and as the dance moves around the room you see others further down the line / round the circle, make eye contact, smile at a friend. It could be an alternative to the individualism which we often see in corporate worship. However the dances and the music together also create a space with the potential for transcendence and for individual worship, while still taking part within the group.

I also feel that the church needs more fun and more folk music in worship and hope that we could bring that too – an outbreak of joyful dancing in any form would be a dream come true!

What might it look like?

My dream is for a professional band of brilliant folk musicians who can provide the energetic, infectious music that will get people up on their feet almost before they realise it. For a handful of dance leaders who can show the way by example, leading the dances for people to join in. For simple, repetitive songs thrown over the top of it all, with the depth and prayerful connection of Taize chants.

Maybe we would go to festivals, where people are more ready to experience things outside their comfort zone. Maybe we would go to churches, if people invite us, to help them worship in a new way. Maybe we would gradually grow a new community of worshippers and people would come to us. Who knows!

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, get in touch!