Pignut Jig

John Dudding inspired this tune and I am sharing it in his memory today. The tune came about after Bagas Crowd played at a May Fair in 2018. After we had paraded through the beautiful wooded valley and played our tunes for the maypole dancing, John ambled off into the trees with his white shirt, straw hat and a big stick to go hunting for pignuts. He said someone should write a tune called Pignut, just for the fun of shouting it out in a session. So I did, and here it is – a foraging tune which in our Salt & Sky days was followed by Emma’s tune called Wild Carrot, written to go with the Pignut Jig as apparently those who go foraging for pignuts may find they have come home with wild carrots instead.

This recording was made on my phone soon after I wrote it – sadly the phone mic didn’t pick up my words very well at the beginning, it was just a quick video made to share the tunes with friends at the time.

Here are the dots in case anyone wants to give it a go (also available in pdf). Chords are just a suggestion, obviously. (This version updated in October 2021 has slightly different chords for the B part!). Droners – it’s a D.