2021 – lockdown feast days & festivals

In 2020, a lot of the days and weeks felt the same to me. At the start of 2021 I picked out some feasts & festivals for small celebrations, there is almost one per week between the start of January and Easter. They have given me something to look forward to and to plan for – I may not have done much for some of them but it has been good to know that they are there. As I shared my small celebrations on social media others have joined me, posting photos and videos of their own celebrations. It has been such a joy to come together in this way, to see how others celebrate each occasion and to feel that we are in community still, even though we are apart. As lockdown continued into the early summer, I took suggestions for other dates to add to the calendar for May & June. By July, thankfully, restrictions had eased and there were meetings and music in person.

My miniature celebrations are on instagram (@teawithlizzie) – check out the highlights for each month for posts & photos – though most of the connection with others took place on Facebook. Here are a handful of pics of the celebrations, in memory of times spent as best we could in the circumstances.